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In the name of God Almighty

The problems that have arisen for dear Khuzestan hurt the heart of every Iranian. While expressing regret for the suffering and hardships that have occurred for the honorable people of Khuzestan, we express our concern about the sufferings that have occurred and we ask God Almighty to show His grace and care to eliminate this oppression and the unfortunate people of this oppressed province.
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TV Live Announcement

Channel OneTuesday1400/05/0518:00Before –To be live – a combined & social program
Channel OneWednesday1400/05/0608:50Between Programs –Special Olympics – Combined morning program
Channel ThreeWednesday1400/05/0617:45Before –Special file – Combined
Channel ThreeFriday1400/05/0815:10Before –Iran – Italy – Volleyball Olympic 2020
Channel ThreeSunday1400/05/1015:10Before –Iran – Japan – Volleyball Olympic 2020

Radio Live Announcement

Iran RadioFriday1400/05/0115:00Before –Schedule 15:00
Iran RadioFriday1400/05/0116:00Before –Schedule 16:00
Iran RadioSaturday1400/05/0219:00Before –Schedule 19:00
Iran RadioSaturday1400/05/0221:00Before –Schedule 21:00
Sport RadioSunday1400/05/0305:50Between ProgramIran –
Czech Republic – Volleyball Olympic 2020
Iran RadioSunday1400/05/0315:00Before –Schedule 15:00
Iran RadioSunday1400/05/0316:00Before –Schedule 16:00
Sport RadioMonday1400/05/0405:00Between Program – First SetIran –
Venezuela – Volleyball Olympic 2020
Sport RadioMonday1400/05/0405:30Between Program – Second SetIran –
Venezuela – Volleyball Olympic 2020
Javan RadioMonday1400/05/0415:00Before –Schedule 15:00
Iran RadioTuesday1400/05/0515:00Before –Schedule 15:00
Javan RadioTuesday1400/05/0515:00Before –Schedule 15:00
Sport RadioWednesday1400/05/0605:00Between Program – First SetIran –
Canada – Volleyball Olympic 2020
Sport RadioWednesday1400/05/0606:30Between Program – Fourth SetIran –
Canada – Volleyball Olympic 2020
Iran RadioThursday1400/05/0715:00Before –Schedule 15:00
Sport RadioThursday1400/05/0717:00Before –Schedule 17:00
Sport RadioThursday1400/05/0718:30Before –Schedule 18:30
Javan RadioThursday1400/05/0719:00Before –Schedule 19:00
Javan RadioSaturday1400/05/0915:00Before –Schedule 15:00
Sport RadioSunday1400/05/1015:10Before –Iran –
Japan – Volleyball Olympic 2020
Sport RadioSunday1400/05/1022:00Before –Schedule 22:00
Sport RadioMonday1400/05/1120:00Before –Schedule 20:00
Sport RadioMonday1400/05/1121:00Before –Schedule 21:00
Sport RadioWednesday1400/05/1320:00Before –Schedule 20:00
Sport RadioWednesday1400/05/1321:00Before –Schedule 21:00


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We believe that by preserving the environment and applying the latest global knowledge and technology, we can produce a high quality product that is competitive in the international market.



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Creating and establishing a transcendent organizational culture based on best practices is the ultimate goal of SprichBaft textile administrations. There is a desire among all members of the organization to use appropriately the available resources and to perform high-productivity activities with the best quality and performance, and following the relevant standards, to have the highest level of customer and staff satisfaction while attracting business partners and shareholders.


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At present, Sprichbaft textile with a production capacity of one million meters of three-dimensional fabric and five hundred thousand meters of technical textile fabric with a very low scrap level (0.2 percent) is one of the largest and highest quality producers in the country. The products of Sprichbaft are in various designs of spacer fabrics and technical textile fabrics in different widths. Spacer fabrics are known as three-dimensional or breathable fabrics. The characteristics of this type of fabric are the ability to pass airflow and moisture, the reversibility of the fabric (elasticity of the fabric), air circulation (breathable mode), fast washing, and easy transportation. Spacer fabric is a three-dimensional fabric that consists of two separate layers that are either connected directly to each other or connected by spacer threads. The first layer is hydrophilic in nature and the next layer is water absorber.

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